Parents & Students

Are the proofs I received retouched or color-corrected?
No. Once you have selected the proofs that you wish to order, we will color correct and retouch those images.
What can be retouched?
All facial retouching for blemishes is standard. Special retouching (ex: braces, tan lines, and eye-glass glare removal) is available for an additional charge.
Which background do I have to use for the yearbook, and when do I have to make that selection?
Each individual school determines which background can be used for the yearbook and when their deadline is. If there is a specific background for your school’s yearbook pose, it will be indicated on your proof envelope. We cannot substitute a different background from what the school has specified. School deadline dates can change every year, so we recommend selecting your yearbook pose and sending in your order as soon as possible. If the deadline is approaching, and we haven’t received your selection, we will send you a reminder notice in the mail. If a yearbook selection is still not received, we will pick what we feel is the best pose.
If I have a one pose package, may I add a pose?
You may add poses to any package for an additional charge of $14.95. This does not mean that you are getting any more than is what is included in your package.
Why does it cost more if I order extra poses for my portrait package?
Package prices include retouching of the number of poses included in that particular package. The extra pose fee is to cover the cost of color correcting and retouching each additional image above and beyond what is included in the package.
What quantities do the various sizes of prints come in?
16x20s,11x14s, and 8x10s are single prints. 5x7s must be in groups of 2, using one pose only. 3x5s must be in groups of 4 , using one pose, and wallets in groups of 8, using one pose.
When will I receive my portrait order?
Your package will be shipped 6 to 8 weeks after payment in full is received.
How do I identify what to order?
You may identify which images you want on your order form.
If I do not wish to order a package, can I order from Add-Ons?
No. Add-ons may be ordered once you have purchased a package. If you are not ordering a package, you must order from our A La Carte section on your order form.
What is a ¾ pose?
A ¾ pose is a casual or contemporary pose when the student is standing or sitting and most of the body is shown.
On the order form, what is the difference between "Add-Ons" and "A La Carte"?
Add-Ons are specially priced for those customers who are purchasing one of the Senior Portrait packages. If you wish to own prints but are not interested in purchasing one of our packages, you must order from the A La Carte section of the order form.


Do I have to send the order with my child on picture day?
It is best to submit your order on picture day because orders received later are subject to a late fee. The fee covers the cost of the special handling required for late orders.
What retouching is done on underclass portraits?
All blemishes will be retouched and the portraits will be color corrected.
What do you mean by "wallet sized"?
Regular wallet sized prints are 2 inches by 3 inches. Half-wallets are 1 inch by 2 inches.
"I am very pleased with how my child's picture turned out. How do I order more prints?"
Use the handy re-order form on the back of the envelope your prints will arrive in.
Whom do I make the check payable to?
Lors Photography
What is an add-on?
An add-on is a specialty priced print, or group of prints, for customers who have purchased a portrait package.
How do I order an add-on?
You must purchase a portrait package in order to buy the add-ons.

Yearbook Advisors

How do I schedule a photographer to come to my school?
To schedule a candid or portrait photographer at your school, you can either contact School Services at 908-686-5600 or schoolrelations@lorsstudio.com. You can also contact your sales representative.
Can Lors work with us on specific ideas we may have for our yearbook?
With the technology we have available, the digital imaging possibilities are endless. From photos on disk to smoothly blended composites, you can let your imagination run wild. Your sales representative can work with you to develop creative concepts that tie in with your theme.
Do you offer photography workshops for the yearbook staff?
Absolutely! We can arrange seminars and workshops to improve the quality of the student photos in the yearbook.
Can you provide student portraits on CD-ROM?
There are two types of photo CDs that we can provide. One is for the administration, and allows them to import the student's photos directly into your school's attendance/guidance software. The other is a publisher's CD, which enables the yearbook staff to send the portrait pictures directly to the publisher without having to tag, sort, or identify individual photos.
When will the students receive their underclass picture packages, and how will they be sorted when they arrive?
The default sort order is alphabetically for each class. If you wish to receive the photo packages sorted in any other way, such as alphabetically by homeroom, you must send us the data and sort criteria at least 4 weeks prior to the shoot.
How long does it take for the seniors to receive their proofs and/or packages?
Senior proofs are shipped approximately 2 weeks after their photo session. Finished packages are mailed to their homes approximately 8 weeks after final payment is made.


Does your studio provide ID cards or security badges for the students and staff?
Yes. ID cards can be custom designed to your specifications, color-coded by grade or bar-coded for library and lunch room purposes.
How long does it take to receive our administrative CD and/or ID cards?
Your administrative CD will be shipped approximately 2 weeks after each picture session. ID cards are typically shipped within 10 days.

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